Some of the many reviews about Powell's Lafayette

Some of the many reviews about Powell's Lafayette
“This place has got everything! Everything that you don't normally find at your normal candy store or Safeway. They have everything from Razzles to Wonka Bars to just everything you had as a kid but can never find now!”
“I would give this place a 10 star if it was possible!!! This place is every child's dream for a candy store... (still mine!!!)”
“Every child's, chocoholic's and candy-lover’s dream come true! Located in the heart of Lafayette. A real experience. There's nothing else like it.”
“… they have a little cozy corner with wooden/steel old fashioned chairs, where you can sit down and watch the continually playing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie from decades ago …”
“Powell’s, I love you. Let me count the ways:
I love the fact that you have lots of hard candies (I can live without chocolate)
I love the fact that you have blackjack gum
I love the fact that you have Willy Wonka on the TV
I love the fact that you have Interesting and witty toys
I love the fact that you have Afro gum... And Cat Butt gum.
I love the fact that you have pink popcorn
I love that fact that you focus on more than gummy candies and Jelly Bellys (which I find lame and trite)”
“This place is Willy Wonka's dream. Every possible surface is overflowing with candy as you browse listening to songs about candy, or perhaps you would like to sit and watch "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Total candy sensory overload and it is awesome.”
“Not only is this place adorable and do they have incredibly good gelato, the staff couldn't be nicer. It was 8:10 on a Sunday night and we found the doors locked. The employees told us they closed at 8:00. When I said it was my birthday and I really wanted gelato, they opened, served us AND sang happy birthday to me! They were friendly, warm and I felt like I was at home. This is what small business is all about and I am now a Powell's devotee.”
“I love candy, and Powell's is THE place to go get it. Dangerously close to my house, this place stocks candy in some pretty impressive displays. One thing to say about this place is that it is a visual experience. Candy EVERYWHERE.”
“WoW! This place is so amazing. You walk in and are completely overwhelmed by everything in the store. Powell's has every single candy or sweet that you could possibly imagine (gummies, chocolate, taffy, candy bars, rare sodas, lollipops, literally EVERYTHING...they also have ice cream. It definitely evokes a feeling of nostalgia among all ages and there is something for everyone.”